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When Eckhart Tolle wrote The Power of Now, he turned our attention to something that’s always been right under our noses: life in this very moment. Yet why do so many of us continue to struggle to find presence? Awareness, he teaches, is the answer—a quality of relaxed alertness that you can progressively sharpen and sustain. In so doing, you overcome the judgments and limitations of the mind-made sense of self with its endless stream of thoughts about past and future—and discover an expanse of peace and renewed purpose in each and every moment—what Eckhart calls “presence.”

On The Art of Presence, join Eckhart on retreat as he guides you through more than seven hours of transformational insights intended to help awareness naturally arise in you. With his one-of-a-kind “pointing instructions,” you will explore:

• Transcending your “life situation” to realign with the one life living us all

• Breaking free from the illusion of separation from the outside world

• How to realize the wisdom of spiritual surrender

• Accessing the higher intelligence that empowers right action

“There is a dimension in every human that remains untouched by anything that happens on the surface level of life,” explains Eckhart. “This is who you are in your essence.” The Art of Presence is your invitation to awaken and embody a deeper expression of who you are.

6 CDs:  7 hours, 14 minutes
6 DVDs:  7 hours, 14 minutes
Audio Download:  7 hours, 14 minutes
Video Download:  7 hours, 14 minutes