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Eckhart Tolle brings us a much-needed message of hope, revealing how we each have a role in leading humanity in a new direction.

As the perils of our world seem to escalate beyond control, how can we reverse the direction we appear to be heading? According to Eckhart Tolle, the answer lies in discovering a deeper level of awareness both individually and collectively. From Chaos to Consciousness brings you seven solution-oriented sessions on how to rise above the incessant “voice in the head” that leads to so much confusion and conflict—and act on our challenges with wisdom and compassion.

This progressive exploration of some of Eckhart Tolle’s most helpful and direct teachings includes:

Session 1

  • “Just listen”—a powerful practice in the face of differing opinions
  • Overcoming fear and its harmful effects
  • Love and the recognition of oneness

Session 2

  • The fine line between consciousness and unconsciousness
  • How “the bad things” in life propel evolution
  • Self-transcendence and the stopping of the mind

Session 3

  • How nonconceptual knowing transforms all of your relationships
  • Practicing detachment
  • Gratitude and appreciation

Session 4

  • Breaking the cycle of gain and loss
  • Sensing both the “foreground” of your experience and the “background awareness”
  • “Cultivating your garden”—your state of consciousness—as you seek to change the world

Session 5

  • The opportunity in loss
  • The practice of “letting it go” when a conversation turns heated
  • The indestructible essence in all of life

Session 6

  • The shift in identity from a story of experiences to the experiencer called consciousness
  • Religious and materialist worldviews
  • Forgiveness and freedom from the past

Session 7

  • The dissatisfaction of the personal identity
  • The cultural shift from yang to yin energy
  • The ego’s need for antagonism and othering

“The state of consciousness I call Presence is where wisdom arises,” teaches Eckhart. “The world will change when people no longer create suffering out of unconsciousness. And you are at the stage where this shift can happen.” From Chaos to Consciousness is your invitation to embrace this vital shift.

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