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Essential Teachings on the Awakening of Consciousness

An In-Depth Audio Program on Staying Conscious in an Unconscious World

How can we live mindfully in a culture that constantly demands our energy and attention? According to Eckhart Tolle, this is the task of a lifetime—but it’s also one that you can begin in any moment.

Recorded before a live audience in London, The Next Step in Human Evolution presents a warm, funny, and insightful evening with Eckhart and his teaching partner, Kim Eng. Just as the London Underground famously asks visitors to “mind the gap,” Eckhart reminds you to cultivate awareness of the gaps in your daily life—whether it’s in moments of necessary waiting or the space between thoughts. Through this awareness of the liminal spaces of life, you can come into a richer appreciation of the eternal Now. As Eckhart says, “When you are present in this moment, you break the continuity of your story, of your sense of past and future. Then, true intelligence arises—and also love.”

Here, you will discover:

  • Why most people are completely identified with the thoughts and emotions of object consciousness
  • An exploration of the concept of “space” and its relationship with manifestation
  • Why transcendent consciousness cannot be defined through mere language
  • The liberating sense of interconnection available through nonconceptual perception
  • A 30-minute guided meditation sequence designed to probe the inner body and the “Deep I” beyond ego
  • Why moments of dissatisfaction or annoyance are potent gateways to Presence
  • How to discern the ways egoic thinking filters your perception of the present moment
  • On-the-spot practices for sidestepping knee-jerk reactions and rising above egoic thought

With all this in mind, Eckhart presents a hopeful view of the trajectory of human evolution—a gradual awakening to the truth of our innate interconnectedness. With The Next Step in Human Evolution, you’ll discover that when you lean into the wisdom of the gaps, your horizons open and become boundless.

Audio Download: 3 hours, 9 minutes