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Lessons from Eckhart Tolle on Achieving Awakening Awakening has nothing to do with more understanding or more experiencing. Questions and answer can only take us so far. How then do we get from the accumulation of thought to the edge of awakening? Those who are familiar with his teachings will hear him speak in new terms, deepening their awareness of the Now. Listen as Eckhart gives us a beautiful mantra, a continuous meditation and pointers for weaning from identification with time and thought to a realization of the truth of who you are. Lessons contained in this series: - Spiritual practice - Resistance and surrender - Signposts to awakening - Bridging the two dimensions - The play of forms - Does the world need to change? - Renouncing thought and time - The interconnectedness of all things Eckhart Tolle has emerged as one of the world's finest spiritual teachers of our time. His books, The Power of Now, Practicing the Power of Now, Stillness Speaks, and A New Earth, are international bestsellers, and his talks draw large crowds around the world.

Audio download:  31 minutes