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Eckhart Tolle believes that something new is happening in human history: a vast number of people are starting to awaken spiritually, through the power of the present moment. Though teachings about presence have been at the core of spiritual practice throughout human history, it is only in the aftermath of the age of rational thought that we are now ready on a large scale to embrace the “true sanity” of living in the Now.

On Awakening of Consciousness, you are invited to join Eckhart Tolle in a three-hour journey to liberation from the endless cycle of ego-thinking. Recorded before a live audience, this remarkable talk features:

  • The four states of consciousness, and how to recognize the awakened state
  • Living your life from a deeper intelligence
  • Experiencing the “formless”: the canvas from which all life arises
  • The healthy role for the thinking mind—why it works better when it isn’t in charge
  • Letting life be your greatest teacher in any circumstance
  • Presence in relationship: listening and speaking with spaciousness to your partner, children, or anyone in your life
  • Why the world is ready to embrace the Now … just in time

Audio Download:  3 hours
Video Download:  3 hours