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A full-length audio retreat for anyone called to serve, teach, and give comfort to those in need
Eckhart Tolle teaches that when you are aligned with the present moment, you are capable of immense wisdom, insight, and compassion. This lesson is especially important for anyone who has devoted their life to helping those in need. Created specifically for teachers, counselors, nurses, and caregivers in any field, For Those Who Serve is a full-length audio retreat for applying Eckhart’s teachings to the life of service.
Here is a training for bringing your whole and undivided self to your life’s work—including skills of complete listening, recognizing the innate perfection of your clients, accepting the inevitability of change, and learning to rest in the spaces between thoughts.
Here Eckhart teaches you:
  • Why making space for whatever arises is essential to the therapeutic relationship
  • How to overcome resistance to the form of the present moment
  • Moving beyond labels, old narratives, and concrete identities
  • Why true inspiration requires no thought
  • Consideration of the deeper meaning of virtue
  • Understanding the sources of emotional pain in your clients
  • The joy of creation without the self-fulfilling desires of the ego
  • How to explore your thoughts without becoming attached to them
  • Why suffering can give rise to embodied Presence
  • Balancing the identities of both form and essence

For Those Who Serve offers not only the opportunity to explore the spiritual dimension of your calling, but also a celebration of how selfless action itself can change the world.

7 CDs:  8 hours, 27 minutes
Audio Download:  8 hours, 27 minutes