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Join Eckhart Tolle for a Musical Odyssey Beyond the Thinking Mind

Presence, teaches Eckhart Tolle, lies outside of conscious perception and attachments—a pure awareness that underlies everything and is accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. However, it is only through the cessation of thought that you can touch into Presence.

This is why Eckhart Teachings has teamed with Hemi-Sync® to create Journeys into Stillness, a specially tailored program for moving gradually and more easily into Presence. Using proprietary Hemi-Sync® audio-mastering methods designed to synchronize the brain’s right and left hemispheres, Journeys into Stillness augments more than a dozen of Eckhart’s foundational meditations with binaural music. In this way, these tracks help entrain Eckhart’s lessons and bring you into stronger resonance with the present moment. 

Here you will discover:

  • The illuminating power of asking, “Who am I?”
  • How to cultivate the courage necessary to first step into Presence
  • The difference between slipping below and rising above the stream of thought
  • Why the realization of Presence goes beyond emotions—even positive ones like happiness
  • Advice for how to interact with everyday life from Presence
  • How to follow Eckhart’s “pointers to Stillness” without getting lost in the mind
  • The liberation that arises when you acknowledge that physical reality is akin to a dream
  • How to perceive the Self that exists in the gaps between thoughts
  • The “Deep I” that illuminates and experiences an ever-changing physical reality

As Eckhart teaches, “We’re here to realize that possibility—what’s left of you when you stop thinking?” Journeys into Stillness takes the challenge out of this practice, smoothing it with binaural entrainment and the encouraging words of a friendly, trusted guide.

Audio Download: 3 hours, 8 minutes