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Eckhart Tolle Teaches a Surprising Form of Emotional Alchemy  

To be human is to suffer. Whether it is brief annoyance or a life-altering cataclysm, everyone will encounter suffering—and yet, according to Eckhart Tolle, all of these painful moments contain an opportunity for awakening.  

In Transmuting Suffering into Peace, this celebrated teacher offers a new perspective on the ego and what he terms “the pain-body”—all the accumulated emotional wounds that follow us through life. Though the pain-body can easily rise up and hijack our consciousness with unpleasant emotions, in this program Eckhart reveals a hopeful truth—by turning the light of awareness on our suffering, that suffering becomes a powerful gateway to Presence.

Join Eckhart for more than three hours of insights on how to stay present during the arising of the pain-body and how to take advantage of what is actually a potent opportunity for awakening into Presence. Here you will learn:

  • Why resentment and an inability to forgive supercharge the pain-body
  • How to stay present while honoring inescapable emotions like grief
  • Why some forms of suffering don't look like suffering on the surface
  • How to respond to challenging situations without feeding the ego
  • Why acceptance of the present moment doesn’t mean passivity 

In the words of Eckhart, “The less you personalize the pain you feel and associate it with a story in your head… the more quickly it becomes transmuted. It becomes fuel for your consciousness.” With Transmuting Suffering into Peace, you will discover just how even our most challenging experiences can become openings to a richer and more grounded life.

Audio Download:  3 hours, 7 minutes