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Discover how the personal challenges and global perils we face serve as catalysts for the realization of a deeper intelligence that holds the key to our future.
We are all witnessing—and participating in—an evolutionary story. And we will all determine how the plot unfolds. This is the premise of Conscious Evolution, an impassioned and inspiring audio program with Eckhart Tolle. “The world always moves between order and chaos,” he explains. “And in the present time, anybody who is not awakening spiritually, even to some extent, will be drawn into deeper unconsciousness.” Now, he shares four sessions of practical insights and teachings to help you become a “bringer of consciousness” in this precarious era. Conscious Evolution explores:
Session 1

  • True acceptance vs putting a positive spin on situations
  • Becoming aligned with the “isness” of the moment
  • The “horizontal dimension” of doing and the “vertical dimension” of Being
  • Affirmations, vision boards, and other tools of manifestation

Session 2

  • The relationship between challenges and awakening
  • Moving from a sense of lack to satisfaction and fulfillment
  • Why “the point of power” is always in the present moment
  • Expanding your sense of self beyond your knowledge or accomplishments

Session 3

  • How spiritual practice is meant to take you beyond spiritual practice
  • Taking responsibility for your life in the here and now
  • Practicing inner-body awareness to avoid getting swept up in opinions and “othering”
  • Our mission: awakening to who we are beyond the egoic self

Session 4

  • Trauma on the personal and collective levels
  • Transmuting anger and resentment
  • The ego’s need for enemies
  • Empathy and compassion

“The awareness that is arising now can lead to a very positive change,” Tolle tells us, “when an increasing number of people transcend their suffering by discovering the power that lies within. This is the promise and possibility of the present age.” Here is your invitation to join in this discovery, with Conscious Evolution.

Audio Download:  3 hours, 32 minutes
4 CDs:  3 hours, 32 minutes