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A Collection of Teachings by Eckhart Tolle

Breaking the Habit of Negative Thinking and Self-Talk 

"When the thinking mind never stops speaking," teaches Eckhart Tolle, "we can come to believe that this egoic self is who we are." But we are not our thoughts. In this teaching, Eckhart Tolle helps guide you out of this illusory landscape of believing your thoughts. In four immersive audio sessions, he shares insights, stories, illustrations, and practices to gently navigate you to your natural state of Presence, free of the mental labels and judgments that create suffering.

Forgiveness is Freeing: Teachings to Let Go of Judgments and Conflict

Eckhart’s essential talks about shifting to a deeper perception of the Self and how it frees you from your suffering. In these insightful lectures—including many simple practices—he shows you how your grievances are reactions to the artificial egos of others, how to bring nonjudgment and equanimity when others overstep your boundaries, how to forgive your own “past self,” and what to do when the pain of your memories hijacks your emotions.

For Those Who Serve: Practical Guide for Being of Benefit to Others

Eckhart Tolle teaches that when you are aligned with the present moment, you are capable of immense wisdom, insight, and compassion. This lesson is especially important for anyone who has devoted their life to helping those in need. Created specifically for teachers, counselors, nurses, and caregivers in any field, For Those Who Serve is a full-length audio retreat for applying Eckhart’s teachings to the life of service.

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Breaking the Habit of Negative Thinking and Self-Talk:  3 hours, 36 minutes
Forgiveness is Freeing:  3 hours
For Those Who Serve:  8 hours, 27 minutes