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A Collection of Teachings by Eckhart Tolle

The Secret of Happiness - "The present moment is a portal out of suffering and into something much deeper than any concept of happiness,” teaches Eckhart. Here is your opportunity to make this liberating shift, with The Secret of Happiness.
The Joy of Being - When challenges arise in your life, what happens inside of you? For many of us, the larger the “problem,” the more we resist, contract, and react unconsciously. On the other hand, explains Eckhart Tolle, in any given moment we have the chance to remain open to life, align with what is, and experience the natural sense of peace and aliveness that he calls “the joy of being.”
Freedom From the World - “You are a blessing on the planet when you are in touch with the spacious, formless dimension within yourself,” teaches Eckhart. Freedom from the World brings you empowering teachings for bridging the dimensions of form and formlessness and living with renewed joy, peace, and a sense of a meaningful purpose.


The Secret of Happiness:  3 hours, 13 minutes
The Joy of Being:  10 hours, 32 mintutes
Freedom From the World:  13 hours, 2 minutes