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Underneath everything you think and do, there is a stillness that is both vast and alive. This is who you are in your most essential nature—but once you’ve caught a glimpse, how do you integrate this discovery into daily living? This is the question Eckhart Tolle explores with you in Bringing Stillness into Everyday Life.

Acknowledging the struggles and dissatisfaction that so many people deem part of a “normal” existence, Eckhart points to a new way of being in the world that starts when we drop below the “top floor of the mind” and return to our true home in the timeless present. Join Eckhart as he discusses: 

• Liberating ourselves from hundreds of years of mental conditioning—without the need for more time

• Eliminating the gap between what you want and what is

• Sense perception and inner body awareness—two primary portals to stillness

“The only thing that can fulfill you is being yourself,” explains Eckhart, “and that is inseparable from the field of Now.” Bringing Stillness into Everyday Life will support your daily practice of realizing and expressing your connection with the source of wisdom, creativity, and joy.

2 CDs:  1 hour, 34 minutes
1 DVD: 1 hour, 33 minutes
Audio Download:  1 hour, 33 minutes
Video Download:  1 hour, 33 minutes

Filmed: On Location; 2004