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With his first international bestseller,The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle reached out to people from all walks of life with his simple and profound message: only in the present moment can we free ourselves to seek our highest potential as human beings.

Now this gifted teacher's most popular audio sessions are available in one convenient resource, with The 'Quieting the Mind' Audio Collection. This special includes three audio bestsellers with Eckhart Tolle:

  • What is MeditationWhether you’ve struggled with meditation or you’re taking an interest in it for the first time, What is Meditation? gives us a new understanding of why we practice—and an inspirational guide for making life itself our daily meditation.  Audio Download:  1 hour, 4 minutes
  • Essential Meditations With Eckhart TolleOver the course of eleven sessions, Eckhart leads you in meditations for breaking attachment to the stream of thought, easing suffering, discerning your “formless” self, and embodying Presence in every single moment.  Audio Download:  7 hours, 42 minutes
  • Eckhart Tolle's Music to Quiet the MindPurposefully sequenced for a grounding and calming effect, this inspirational compilation includes the soothing voice of Deva Premal, international superstar of sacred chant; ambient selections from avant-garde musician Steve Roach and New Zealand composer Kip Mazuy; a modern arrangement of Satie’s “Gnossienne 3”; the pure and healing sounds of Tibetan flutist Nawang Khechog, and more.  Audio Download:  1 hour, 7 minutes