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Forgiveness is Freeing
Teachings to Let Go of Judgments and Conflict

Transcend the Pain of the Past—and Dwell in a Presence Free of Resentments.

Do you struggle to forgive someone who’s hurt you? Or to let go of the guilt caused by your own actions? One of the most challenging obstacles to fully experiencing our lives, Eckhart Tolle has found, is the resentment and pain that arise from the false sense of self we’ve created for ourselves and others.

Forgiveness Is Freeing brings together Eckhart’s essential talks about shifting to a deeper perception of the Self and how it frees us of our suffering. In these insightful lectures—including many simple practices—he shows us how our grievances are reactions to the artificial egos of others, how to bring nonjudgment and equanimity when others overstep our boundaries, how to forgive our own “past selves,” and what to do when the pain of our memories hijacks our emotions.

Holding on to old wounds, Eckhart reflects, is one of the surest signs that we are caught in the egoic thinking of the false self. But we don’t need to be bound by those illusions. In these moving audio sessions, he shows us the way to letting go and embracing the liberation of the present moment.


3 CDs:  3 hours
Audio Download: 3 hours