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Beginning on June 25, 2020, Eckhart will be teaching Conscious Manifestation 2020. Responding to the unprecedented nature of this time and the challenges that many people are facing right now, this year’s Conscious Manifestation online course will include a special emphasis on how to create and navigate during this time of disruption. 

The foundational curriculum of the Conscious Manifestation course remains the same. However, this year, Eckhart will be offering four new online Q&A sessions in order to support people during this time of accelerated change, when engaging our powers of conscious manifestation is so important for ourselves and the world. 

  • Please note that each of these new sessions will be broadcast live and will run between 60 and 75 minutes. If you miss any of the live sessions, you will be able to watch the replay
  • Session #1 - Monday, June 29, 5 PT / 8 ET, LIVE Q&A 
  • Session #2 - Monday, July 6, 5 PT / 8 ET, LIVE Q&A
  • Session #3 - Monday, July 20, 5 PT / 8 ET, LIVE Q&A
  • Session #4 - Monday, July 27, 5 PT / 8 ET, LIVE Q&A
  • You will also receive access to the Conscious Manifestation 2020 Private Facebook Group

This is a special upgrade offer only for last year’s Conscious Manifestation participants. 

***You will still have access to all course materials from last year’s course even if you don’t choose to sign up. 

*Please be advised that Conscious Manifestation 2020 is being offered in partnership with Sounds True. You will receive an e-mail with your access instructions on June 24, 2020.

Conscious Manifestation 2020 begins June 25, 2020