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Many of us are called today, to mobilize our talents and express ourselves in immensely creative ways. In this course you'll learn how to create from the depths of Being, empowered by the creative intelligence of the universe.

What are you called to do?

  • ​Start a consciousness business or nonprofit? 
  • ​Teach a meditation class or lead a spiritual retreat?
  • ​Create financial resources and opportunities for your family?
  • ​Enroll in graduate school to pursue a new career?
  • Create an educational program for underprivileged kids? 

All of us can do extraordinary things. With the teachings and practices in Conscious Manifestation, you'll train in the art of balancing "Being and Doing" so that what you contribute comes from a place that is free from anxiety, aggression, and stress. You will learn how to remain spacious, give your fullest, embrace synchronicities, and enjoy the process. 

Course begins June 25, 2020